Seat for folkrace

The usual standard seat that sits in the car is not allowed to drive a folk race, an approved folk race seat is required and preferably a 5 or 6 point belt. Only the seat costs from around SEK 1,500 and up. The seat must be approved by the FIA Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. Most companies that manufacture seats for the race are located in Germany and Italy. Examples include OMT, Sparco, Turn One, Alplinestars and HTE-R. The seat is important out of the driving position and should fit the driver well. There are different sizes for length and width to fit and belt outlets. The seats are mainly made of carbon fiber, fiberglass and steel pipe seat. The latter is cheapest and carbon fiber is the most expensive. In that material, a seat can cost many tens of thousands of kronor.

An example of a seat for the race

A company like Mirco keeps fairly moderate prices on its folk race seats. They are between SEK 2,995 and up to a thousand more. The brackets are then added. The cheapest ones do not appear materials on, but the more expensive are made of fiberglass. Artificial leather is the upholstery, but if detachable pillows are included it will not appear. This is an example of defective information regarding seats. Of course, you want to get full info on a gadget that costs a lot, whether it is classified as cheap in that genre.

Competing in the folk race

But with a good seat for the race, approved personal equipment and a cheap car, anyone from 15 years and up can participate in the race. There are about 130 courses in the country and on these you run about 450 competitions annually. Trim the car, put in a decent folk race seat and put on the overalls - and just drive!

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